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    Idol’s fans urged to give charity a helping hand

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    Idol’s fans urged to give charity a helping hand

    Post by Simona on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:09 pm

    Idol’s fans urged to give charity a helping hand
    01 Sep, 2010

    Reigning Australian Idol Stan Walker put on a concert at Honeysuckle yesterday and called on fans to help a Newcastle charity assist children in Haiti.
    Walker, 19, wore jeans, a blue singlet and crucifix necklace outside the Newcastle Maritime Centre before about 150 fans and bar and cafe patrons.

    He performed songs, including his hit Little Black Box, and signed autographs.

    Sisters Stephanie, 15, and Danielle, 13, Wickens, visiting from Dubai and staying in Kotara, were seeing Walker for the second time.

    ‘‘He’s just so cool,’’ Stephanie said.

    ‘‘I love his music, and he’s so humble and so real.’’

    Walker had just played to 600 students at St Philip’s Christian College, Waratah.

    He encouraged the Honeysuckle crowd to back the Random Acts of Kindness push started by New Zealand’s Church 180, which would mean helping someone with ‘‘no strings attached’’.

    Walker said he had toured earthquake-hit Haiti as part of the campaign with Warabrook-based child advocacy group Compassion Australia.

    credit source:

    'Music is a language that everybody knows how to speak' SRW

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    Re: Idol’s fans urged to give charity a helping hand

    Post by kiwianabananarama on Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:00 am

    aw this is awesome! He does such a great job for 'RAK'd' and 'Compassion Intl Australia'...

    Linda was at RAK'd and put up her videos of Stan singing Unbroken and Smash into you...outstanding again Stan!

    Thankyou Simo xo

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    Re: Idol’s fans urged to give charity a helping hand

    Post by Linda on Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:02 am

    I'll write my version of the event in a tick. I have most it it written already. I've been busy trying to win tickets to a VIP function so haven't been focused on writing LOL

    Linda B Big Smile
    United we Stan'd yerrrrrrr!

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    Re: Idol’s fans urged to give charity a helping hand

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