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    Perez Hilton's Australian Idol man crush

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    Perez Hilton's Australian Idol man crush

    Post by Simona on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:16 pm

    Perez Hilton's Australian Idol man crush

    US scandal blogger Perez Hilton has his eyes on Idol star Stan Walker.

    Perez Hilton has admitted he has a crush on Australian Idol winner Stan Walker and is looking for an Australian husband.

    Speaking to 92.9FM's Fifi Box and Jules Lund, Hilton asked the radio presenters about Walker after hearing his song.

    "I like that actually, Stan Walker, I will have to look him up," he said.

    Advertisement: Story continues below The entertainment reporter, who has recently lost over 36 kilograms, was enjoying being spoilt by Australian fashion designers, arriving to the interview dressed head-to-toe in home grown designer wares.

    "I need to come back to Australia maybe for Mardi Gras and find myself an Australian husband or two," he said.

    The next visit may coincide with filming of the upcoming Australian version of the popular US talent show The Voice.

    He jokingly speculated that he is being considered as one of the judges.

    Channel 9 announced earlier this week that they will begin production of the local version in the coming months.

    The gossip blogger, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, was in Australia supporting Lady Gaga on her brief tour.

    Three years ago he was one of her first fans aka one of the first Little Monsters but not after ignoring calls from her manager.

    "I was fortunate enough to discover her from almost the very beginning."

    "Her manager reached out to me saying I have this new artist I want you to check out and I want you to meet her. I'm like ‘' don’t need to meet this person, I don't have time, I'm busy I'm busy I'm busy'. And they were like 'check this out, check this out'."

    "They didn't really have any music to send me but when they finally had the video for Just Dance and I was able to see the image along with the song. I was like 'wow, there's something really special here'," he added.

    Read more:

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