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    The Revolution Tour 2011


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    The Revolution Tour 2011

    Post by kiwianabananarama on Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:07 am

    Very lucky to be at this concert coz we didn't know about it but check this out

    Jacobianstangirl texted me to say that Stan had been at our mates (Kep)barbers salon for a haircut on Friday and that he also had a concert that night. So she checked online, found out it was the Revolution tour and we went like in half an hour lol. Tix were $10 and I loved it. I enjoyed the stories of upliftment and praise as this was a christian concert. It was tasteful and professional and enjoyed by all who attended.
    The Jury and the Saints performed and they are amazing live. We were kinda surprised that they didn't do their song Patience with Stan but algud. The Talent have fabulous harmonies and I enjoyed Limit Break dance crew as well. happy dance

    I took my 2 videos of Stan singing Halo and Loud. He was the best! My vids weren't. lol... so after my 2 below there are another 2 and way betterer



    These were taken stage left...great sound and picture quality and boy can Stan dance woohoo! Get low!

    LOUD by djwatties07

    HALO by djwatties07

    enjoy ppl!

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