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    Stan will perform at SOLUTIONS Charity Concert

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    Stan will perform at SOLUTIONS Charity Concert

    Post by QueenTiger on Mon Jun 13, 2011 4:08 pm


    Stan Walker Helps Fight Drug And Alcohol War
    Monday, 13 June, 2011 - 15:41

    Australian Idol winner to perform for Teen Challenge
    When: July 23. Where: City Impact Church, 794 East Coast Road, Browns Bay
    Tickets on sale Friday @ Ticketmaster.
    All proceeds to Teen Challenge NZ

    NEW ZEALAND-born Australian Idol winner STAN WALKER will star in a charity concert spectacular aimed at raising funds and awareness in a cause very dear to his heart: fighting drug and alcohol abuse.

    Stan – who shot to fame a little over a year ago and has since achieved the near impossible by producing two top selling singles "Black Box" and "Unbroken", a platinum-selling album Introducing Stan Walker and a second album From The Inside Out – will perform at SOLUTIONS Charity Concert on Saturday, July 23 in Auckland.

    The concert, staged by the charitable organisation Teen Challenge NZ, will also feature R&B sensation Erakah backed by The Levites. Tickets will be strictly limited and will go on sale with Ticketmaster on Friday, June 17.

    General Admission $35 a ticket (plus the booking fee) and we are selling 50 VIP tickets @ $50 (plus the booking fee)

    “The tragic death of schoolboy David Gaynor at the weekend
    highlights the toll substances are taking on our youth”

    SOLUTIONS Charity Concert will be held at City Impact Church, 794 East Coast Road, Browns Bay. The event will be supervised. Doors open at 7pm and the concert will start at 7:30pm. There will be no door sales.

    All proceeds will go directly to Teen Challenge NZ, a charitable organisation that is passionate about helping families and young people overcome the challenges of our drug and alcohol culture.

    Teen Challenge’s national executive director Daniel Paikea says drug and alcohol abuse in New Zealand is at epidemic levels and spans all social strata.

    The tragic death of Kings schoolboy David Gaynor at the weekend further highlights the toll that substances are taking on our youth and the need for all of us as a nation to take action.

    Mr Paikea’s heart goes out to the Gaynor family. Although they have never met, tragically it is stories like this that he has all too often seen and heard for over a decade working with families and young people.

    The following are statistics from the New Zealand Drug Harm Index (NZDHI).

    Number of Hospitalizations due to drugs- 2292 patients at an average cost of $2949 which amounts to $6.76 Million

    Number of drug related deaths- 1920 (Including road accidents and homicide) Costing $205.2 Million or $106,000 a person

    Number of people in prison for drug related crime- 1578 about 16% of the prison population at an average cost of $68,880 per person which amounts to $108.7 Million in total. This is as the New Zealand Drug Harm Index states is very conservative!

    “Clearly we have a challenge ahead of us. But, as they say “prevention is better than a cure”.

    “The concert is about raising finances and our profile in NZ to ultimately help more young people and their families.”

    Stan Walker: has achieved the near impossible; the nineteen year-old singer has evolved from a mere contender, into one of the most refreshing and shining examples of talent the Australian music industry has to offer. Stan's undeniable vocal-gift and engaging boy-next-door charm have already resulted in him successfully releasing a couple of top selling singles (the double Platinum "Black Box" and Gold "Unbroken") and a platinum-selling album ("Introducing Stan Walker"). Along the way his confidence has blossomed, he's found his way to navigate through the industry with his expanding experience and his quest to speak the truth via his music. His new album "From The Inside Out" puts the past behind him, and reveals the true artistry of Stan Walker, away from the quick-turnaround recordings and the media fanfare. Taking his time to create a collection of personal, honest, and soulful songs, this new album showcases Stan's ability to party and have fun, whilst the same time also allowing him to flip the script, and strip his soul bare to reveal himself from the inside out.

    Luck, opportunity, or talent ? how did Stan Walker make it to where he is today, standing on the brink of international success? "I don't believe in luck," he laughs, with a huge grin. "Everything happens for a reason, and has its purpose ? I thank God for giving me this opportunity to be here. Now it's my time to take the stage and inspire others to make the most of their lives? and if they laugh, or sing-along to my songs on the way, well, that's even better, eh?!"

    I'm on the STAN wagon.

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    Re: Stan will perform at SOLUTIONS Charity Concert

    Post by kiwianabananarama on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:04 am

    ah yes what a tragedy for the family:(
    Stan is the perfect person to raise awareness of the drug and alcohol challenges of our youth in NZ. His star status will raise heaps...and also with Erakah (a teen herself) it will be great concert.

    Thanx Renee xo

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