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    Concert crowd warms to Walker

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    Concert crowd warms to Walker

    Post by Simona on Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:37 am

    Concert crowd warms to Walker

    A stunning afternoon, a great venue and a fantastic lineup - Taupo2 concert goers got their money's worth last night with headline act Stan Walker delivering the "mean" show he promised.

    Even a half-filled Unison Amphitheatre could not dim the enthusiastic atmosphere from an excited crowd and great music from a variety of different artists.

    From the starting act of Ivy Lies, numerous people, young and old, were right up at the stage to get a close-up view of some of New Zealand's best musicians - who didn't disappoint.

    Most people delayed their arrival due to the scorching heat and the later scheduled performance of Walker, who was the main act.

    As the heat subsided into the evening the crowd started to build up with a steady flow of people entering through the concert gates.

    One performance the crowd really got into was Dane Rumble's.

    The rapper got the crowd off their feet and was able to keep the hype going when he told them he was going to throw himself off the stage some time during his performance.

    He kept his word, launching himself into a bunch in the crowd at the end of his act which brought a roaring cheer.

    Finally, the act the crowd had been waiting for made his way on stage.

    Australian Idol winner Walker previously said Taupo2 would be a "different show with some surprises", which is exactly what it was.

    He started with a few songs from artists such as Beyonce, before taking a moment to share his Christian faith with the crowd which he followed with some worship music.

    This didn't appeal to everyone with some people leaving during this part of his performance.

    But he saved his best for last with a mixture of original songs and covers by artists such as Bob Marley and Bruno Mars,.

    Walker also took the opportunity to show off some of his dancing moves.

    Walker said he loved performing in Taupo because the crowd there always gave him a boost.

    "It was good and the crowd was awesome," he said after the concert.

    "Taupo's always awesome - I just love the people here, they make the night fun."

    credit source:

    'Music is a language that everybody knows how to speak' SRW

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    Re: Concert crowd warms to Walker

    Post by kiwianabananarama on Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:57 am

    Aw I imagine it was truly amazing! I couldn't ticket awww
    :(lol. I sprained my ankle again but it's algud coz I look forward to February!!!....and If I'm lucky enough.. maybe Parachute festival in Hamilton end of this month.

    Dane Rumble and his band are pretty good too. I really enjoyed him and Stan at the P&O launch. People are really into him and his band are rather cute. He does get the crowd really hyped up.

    The review didn't say anything about Anika Moa. I wonder if she performed in the end. I really like her and her music. I like Ivy Lies band too. I bet it was amazing concert. I wonder if Stan had a swim in the river? He probably did coz it was an really scorcher of a weekend here. I hope someone posts some vids soon.

    Thanx simo for the report!! xo

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