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    Idol a hellraiser no longer



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    Idol a hellraiser no longer

    Post by stanozfan on Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:55 pm


    It's midday but Stan Walker is yawning as he plants himself on the plush couch in the Langham Hotel's private lounge.

    The softly spoken young man has had back-to-back interviews all morning and they won't let up until he flies home to Sydney the following day.

    It's heady heights for a 20-year-old who just over five years ago, almost ended up in a boys' home.

    But Walker's mum calls three times from Australia during our interview and it's clear the smoothly dressed tattooed star is still just a boy at heart.

    When the 2009 Australian Idol winner talks about his life, it's in two distinctly separate parts – before and after God.

    The before for him and his two older brothers was "just like Once for Warriors".

    "It was exactly the same – a lot of violence, drugs, alcohol, gangs. Yeah, just abuse in all forms."

    His dad was in and out of jail and his mum also served time. Then one by one his family found God – his mother when he was eight and his dad soon after. But life was tough for a few more years.

    "Till, like, 12 or 13 it was still going for me. One of the things my dad had to work on for years, because that's all he'd known all his life, was violence. When he would discipline us he'd go over the top."

    His younger brothers, now 12 and nine years old, have had a different childhood. His father is now a "gentle giant" but it took Walker time to move on from the effects of his upbringing.

    "All through my teen years, except 18 and 19, I hated my dad and I was angry at my mum. I hated my life and I got into a lot of strife. I was stealing, taking drugs, drinking, going out. I was getting kicked out of home from when I was 12. My mum tried counsellors and I was supposed to be sent to a boys' home."

    Walker's family moved to Australia when he was 15. "I hated that idea because that meant moving away from my whole life, my friends, my school."

    Church was compulsory but felt meaningless until he saw a woman stand up and tell her story. It resonated with Walker and he made the decision to give his heart to God.

    It took two years. In 2009 he was called on stage at a Christian camp where an experience properly converted him. "[The pastor] goes, `I want you to change your eyes and imagine that it's you and Jesus, and I want you to imagine getting everything out of your life...and putting it on the altar before Jesus'.

    "I started doing that and before you know it I started bawling. It started hurting, I could feel it – I'm giving everything up.

    "And he goes, `now there's one more thing that's holding you back' and that was my [now ex] girlfriend. I wasn't going to give her up for nobody. I imagined putting her on the altar before Jesus and I literally fell on my face and bawled like a wreck. And if that wasn't enough he goes, `now I want you to jump on that altar yourself', and as soon as I did that I blacked out.

    "I was in a crowd on a black stage with a white light and a band, and then I blinked and I was on the stage and I was worshipping and I was singing. I looked out into the crowd and I saw all my family members. They looked like they were at their last straw – like they were going to do what I had just done, just surrender.
    Ad Feedback

    "And I heard this voice so clearly – and I've never heard these words in my life – say, `I've called you to woo my people back home to me. I have called you to be a wooer of my people and sing my people back home to me and they will get healed while you are doing it'."

    The next day, one of Walker's nanas died. Instead of falling into drinking and depression, as he usually would, he faced his friends and had fun.

    "I heard this voice, `I'm going to replace your suffering with joy'."

    The last night was Walker's defining moment. The band was playing and he was called on stage again by the pastor.

    "He said, `I want Stan to come up here and lead this song', and I was like, `Oh, shame'.

    "I was singing and then I was crying and then before you know it the band had stopped and I just wept on the mic. I opened my eyes and hundreds of people were on the ground, broken, and it was what I saw on the first night. That was the first time ever in my life I went, `God, you are real'."

    After camp, Walker broke up with his girlfriend but soon discovered she was pregnant.

    "While doing Idol I was about to be a father and then she lost the baby. To my knowledge [the baby] was seven-and-a half-months old. It was really confusing. I don't really know what happened.

    "We'd been talking all the time, about what we were going to do, because I definitely was going to be the father. I was going to be there for my baby. It was a bit hard because I had been preparing for a while [to be a father] and I was really excited. But things happen and you have to just keep moving on."

    Walker now has a tattoo on his neck of the baby's name.

    The camp was in January and in April that year he entered Australian Idol.

    "When I went onto Idol I said, `God, man I'm sick of doing my own thing because it's not working', and, `if it's your will, God, take me all the way. If it's not, stop me from the very beginning'. From the very start, I had favour and it wasn't me and how good I was, it was the grace of God."

    His new life includes Taya, his girlfriend of seven months, who he met in church and who now sings backing vocals for his band.

    "You should hear her sing. Man, she's incredible. She's such an awesome person, so beautiful. Too good for me, actually."

    It's been a big year for Walker and he plans to fly to a secluded island in January for a rest. But things have changed and Taya won't be going with him.

    "We try to be as good as we can. That's the way I represent myself. It's a standard for me and a standard for her, too."

    TIMELINE 2009

    Winner of the 2009 Australian Idol. Released his first album, Introducing. It sold three times platinum in the week leading up to Christmas.

    2010 Released From The Inside Out debut on the national charts at No1. It also features two gold singles, Unbroken and Choose You.

    Won four categories at the 2010 New Zealand Vodafone Music Awards, taking home Tuis for international achievement, highest selling New Zealand single, NZ on Air radio airplay record of the year and the People's Choice Award.

    Currently Acting in a lead role in New Zealand film A Gift to Zion, playing "a young, ambitious Maori boy who wants to become an artist". It is set in 1979, when Bob Marley is touring.

    Recording the theme song for the new Narnia movie. He has just returned from England, where he filmed the music video.

    Coming up: New Zealand Summer Theatre Tour from February 17-28, 2011.

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    Re: Idol a hellraiser no longer

    Post by LASERAsmiles on Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:52 pm

    ohman, stan's journey with God is so amazing.
    -his past, how God saved him from that and
    the amazing things God planned for him.

    thanks so much for this stanozfan :)
    loved it!

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    Age : 24
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    Re: Idol a hellraiser no longer

    Post by LASERAsmiles on Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:03 am

    Currently Acting in a lead role in New Zealand film A Gift to Zion, playing "a young, ambitious Maori boy who wants to become an artist". It is set in 1979, when Bob Marley is touring.

    WHAT?!!!!! woot woot happy dance

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    Re: Idol a hellraiser no longer

    Post by kiwianabananarama on Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:36 am

    haha yeah how cool is that!!!...He is SO the MAN! I wonder who is directing that film? xo

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    Re: Idol a hellraiser no longer

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