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    ONE News Extra Interview

    State Founder
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    ONE News Extra Interview

    Post by Simona on Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:49 am

    Two interviews
    first one is an intro to the man, the fans and where he performed...
    is that where Kiwiana went?

    second one is a comprehensive interview with some comments from the fans.... Stan is very relaxed and at easy.
    Nice job there.

    'Music is a language that everybody knows how to speak' SRW

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    Re: ONE News Extra Interview

    Post by kiwianabananarama on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:20 pm

    Yes I was there Simo!!

    ...It doesn't matter how hard I try...I always end up on man...But I look okay on this one I guess...even though I'm sick...

    I didn't talk non stop like last time haha...coz i was too scared in case I coughed or sneezed on him...and I didn't ask for a kiss, just a I didn't wanna make him sick!...but he looked great.. keeping his hood over his mane lol...

    He is sooo skinny now...I was kinda shocked when he came out...he has never been this thin...but happy and a little tired...apologising for being late and explaining about forgetting his passport one minded at all...some even clapped when he finished speaking.

    ..but yeah I was 2nd/3rd in line..Lucky really coz...I thought I was really late arriving at 3:30pm and thinking the line would be halfway down the mall but there was no line. omg! not good enough for our Stan I thought.

    The first person to meet me was a mate from yt and her daughter. We met at the last signing at Sylvia Park and she wasn't happy coz the rescheduled signing of 4:30pm had been re~re scheduled to start at I was early...yay! She had to leave and I was happy to look after her lovely teen daughter...we waited in line about 3 hours and ate McDonalds haha to pass the time...we made friends and I invited a nice lady to join our forum..shes on the vid man we're all on those vids haha...and yes I did text Hikoi and per usual..

    The line didn't get long till about 5:30...and i reckon there were 300 hundred fans...that made me really happy for Stan...lots of families and teenagers.
    He didn't sing...but still the excitement and tight security..chanting the same line of 1 photo and 1 CD to be signed...and we were allowed 1 poster signed too. So I got 10 photos and 1 CD and 3 posters signed....

    aw Stan was sweet..Asking how I was..Of course I said "I'm great" no my head wanted to explode and I felt kinda pastey..I kept thinking ..'don't you dare breathe, cough, sneeze, sniff hard~out like a hori on Stan' lmao..
    He was nice of course..gawgess smiles..apologising for smudging a bit of his name on my CD..I didn't care...I have his fingerprint in black vivid now too haha....oh yeah I said thanks a few times, can i have a photo?, I've been to all your concerts here!,...not too much lol...and I didn't touch him when we were behind the table for the photo..then i got off the yeah...I did my best to keep him well lol..and tonight on TV he looked healthy and happy...

    He sung well on the maori sports show Hyundai code singing choose you. He was also on Studio 2 an after school show...he sung choose you again and straight after on C4 Select a music show...where if anyone can upload (Jules or Bob please) it was I think Stans true brilliance shining through coz he did an impromptu acoustic of 'Blackbox'(the best I've heard from him even though Drew was struggling a little on the gat...omg it was the Stan I know and love)...and they did Travis McCoy 'I wanna be a billionaire' where Stan did Harmonies..haha that song cracks me up every time i hear it so i really enjoyed it...Stan judged a call~in singing competition and got the 3 contestants to sing Halo singing along with them...and on all those shows gave away his signed albums...

    It's been an awesome visit for the fro happening again haha...He's still beautiful!...and the glow must be

    simo thanks for putting up my banner again! You're awesome!
    You're still going to the Melbourne concert right?
    and I nearly forgot...Stan's doing a NZ tour! don't know the dates!

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    Re: ONE News Extra Interview

    Post by kiwianabananarama on Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:47 pm

    Here's the Te Karere news's short and it says there were close to 200 I guess I can't count lol..but it's not called From inside out!haha...

    My favourite song today from the album is 'Love Graffiti'...and I just keep singing 'the One' coz of the tune...I just wanna hear Stan more..


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    Re: ONE News Extra Interview

    Post by Sponsored content

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