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    Stan Walker: doing his own thing

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    Stan Walker: doing his own thing

    Post by Simona on Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:45 am

    Stan Walker: doing his own thing
    Hundreds of music fans swamped an Auckland shopping mall last night, for the chance to meet Kiwi-born Aussie Idol winner Stan Walker.

    Walker, 19, won the contest in 2009, and is in New Zealand to promote his new album.

    He was a little late though, having mislaid his passport, missing three flights from Australia has a result. And he didn't sing, but he did sign autographs.

    Walker told ONE News it's good to be home.

    "It's always a buzz for me," he said of the screaming fans.

    The singer is keen to step away from the Australian Idol spotlight and do his own thing, but the show that made him famous would have been largely responsible for the crowd at Sylvia Park last night.

    He says his second album - From the Inside Out - is an insight into what makes up the Maori teenager, originally from Tauranga.

    Whereas his first album was all covers from Australian Idol, his second is all originals that reflect him and his personality.

    "It's who i am, what I represent. This is me, this is all of me, whether you like it or not. Take me as I am," he said.

    He said the album also reflects his Maori roots.

    "My heart is for indigenous people. My heart is for my own people. I love coming back and being... you know, Maori.. and make a way for Maori people in some way.

    "I got my voice from being Maori. From my mum and dad, and my nannies and koro, and just being brought up on the marae.

    "We we used to live on the marae so just listening to my aunties and uncles sing, at tangis, at birthdays, at dinners, everywhere singing and it was a big influence."

    And while he can't pick a favourite from the new album, he is proud of a collaboration with Kiwi hip-hop artist Young Sid, entitled Stuck in a Box, perhaps harking back to his hit Idol song Little Black Box.

    "It not only tells his story, but it tells mine too. He's the man. So it's just awesome to work with him.. mean mean Maori mean.. New Zealand act, so yeah privileged."

    ONE News Extra: See the extended interview with Stan Walker and interviews with fans from last night here --->

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