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    Stan Walker│Interview

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    Stan Walker│Interview

    Post by QueenTiger on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:12 pm


    The Idol Presents His Hot New Album…
    Aug 22, 2010

    Source: Sophie Barnett

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    .Photo : Courtesy Of Label
    .It’s not just Stan Walker’s style that’s come along way since his ‘Australian Idol’ days – but his music too.

    In just a matter of months, the 19-year-old has transformed from being crowned the winner of an Aussie talent contest, to become a successful artist in his own right.

    With his new record featuring top-selling singles including ‘Black Box, ‘Unbroken’ and his current smash ‘Choose You’ – fans won’t be disappointed with the popstar’s efforts for his second album ‘From The Inside Out.’

    Chatting to the star ahead of his Aussie tour, he tells MTV about teaming up with Pixie Lott, loving Kanye West’s style and staying grounded.

    MTV: So Stan, tell us about your new album ‘From The Inside Out’

    Stan: It’s quite different and diverse, different styles, and I guess my sound is quite evident in all my songs. There’s a bit of R&B, a bit of pop, a bit of pop-rock, bit of hip-hop, a little soul. I’m just trying to let people know a little more of me and who I am and my personality.

    MTV: Are you feeling the pressure after your debut album ‘Introducing Stan Walker’ did so well?

    Stan: Yeah, but I’m really excited too. I don’t really have too many expectations, I’m just hoping that it will do well and that people love it and love the message I’m giving as well.

    MTV: The new album includes duets with Young Sid and Pixie Lott – how did these come about?

    Stan: Well Young Sid approached me with a song that I did with him and I was really keen because he’s an awesome artist and he’s actually my favourite New Zealand rapper and he’s awesome, and the song’s awesome.

    With Pixie Lott we kind of stumbled over it by accident, it wasn’t even happening and then we kind of just made it happen. I love her, she’s the bomb!

    MTV: If you could just pick one, which is your fave track on the album?

    Stan: ‘Love Graffiti’ because the track for me is just awesome, I love the tune and I love the lyrics.

    MTV: You’ve changed your image a lot since Australian Idol – we see you’ve ditched the straight hair for cornrows…

    Stan: Yeah I guess my hair is the only thing that’s really changed this time. It just grew and I actually did it for a gig and then decided to leave it in.

    MTV: Do you have a style icon?

    Stan: Kanye West has awesome style - I really like his style.

    MTV: You’re currently touring across Oz – what can fans expect from your live shows?

    Stan: Me in full I guess, because that’s the thing that I pride myself on, my live performances. Hopefully people will see, as well as buying my CD’s, even more from the live performances.

    MTV: So many young artists go off the rails when faced with fame and fortune – what keeps you so grounded?

    Stan: My main thing is God and my family, and my upbringing and where I come from. I try not to let anything phase me, good or bad.

    Get your hands on Stan Walker’s brand new album ‘From The Inside Out.’ out now!

    Meanwhile see more from the homegrown superstar in the video clip below…

    Stan Walker ...
    Stan talks about touring, recording and his life ...

    I'm on the STAN wagon.

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    Re: Stan Walker│Interview

    Post by Linda on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:54 am

    Thanks for that Renee,
    Great article and interview.....

    Linda B Big Smile
    United we Stan'd yerrrrrrr!

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