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    [05.11.09] Idol's Stan Walker wants wife, seven kids EGC

    PR Webmistress
    PR Webmistress

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    [05.11.09] Idol's Stan Walker wants wife, seven kids EGC

    Post by QueenTiger on Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:13 pm

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    Idol's Stan Walker wants wife, seven kids
    Lisa Simmons | November 5th, 2009

    Gold Coaster and Australian Idol Top 4 finalist Stan Walker is the favourite to win the competition

    PLAYFUL as a great big kid and old beyond his years are two of the ways friends and family describe Australian Idol Top 4 finalist and favourite Stan Walker.

    Fans of Walker, who turned 19 last month, will have read tales of play wrestling matches and hide and seek, in the Idol house -- organised by Walker.

    The singer and songwriter, who landed in Coolangatta by way of Melbourne, New Zealand and Byron Bay, is many things to many people.

    He is the boy who turned his back on a troubled childhood -- a childhood he says was straight out of the movie Once Were Warriors -- to pursue the Idol dream and, in his own words, a teenager who went off the tracks until he found God and made his peace with his family.

    Now, he's having the time of his life.

    Fans have watched him work with Idol mentors including Suzi Quatro, the Madden twins and Liza Minnelli -- or 'the bomb', as Walker describes her.

    The same week he jammed with Australian jazz great James Morrison and met Harry Connick Jr, Walker blogged and asked fans to take a moment to pray for earthquake victims in Samoa, Indonesia and Vanuatu.

    This week, he jokes with one Australian magazine, he's in the market for a wife.

    "I want to get married now but I'm only 19," he says in the interview.

    "I want to get my career on the road, get a house and in three years, I want to get married. Then I want to start having babies straight away. I want seven kids -- five boys and two girls. Straight out the gate I want a tribe."

    Your Say
    "Stan your a talented person and I really love the way you sing. It reminds me of New Zealand.You've got a lot of soul in your voice and a lot of love in your heart. Its good to see someone like you who is totally in love with God representing us brown peepz. Awesome work and keep it up. So happy that you won idol. Much love and God bless you and your future. Hope you find your wife:)"

    In New Zealand, where he grew up, he's even more straight forward.

    "I've always said I want 10 (children) but I'll settle for seven. I hope the woman I marry is ready for me."

    Walker is himself from a large family. He has two older brothers and a younger brother and sister and aunts, uncles, cousins and their families -- too numerous to count.

    "Big families are how I was brought up," he says.

    Walker says the first of his girls will be called Ataahua -- the word tattooed large and loud on his neck.

    "It means beautiful in the Maori language," he says.

    "I had it done the week I learnt I had made it through to the Top 100.

    "It would have been the name of my first daughter," says Walker, who was ready to become a teen dad before his then girlfriend miscarried. The two are no longer together.

    "Would have been, will be," he says.

    "The tattoo is there to remind me of a few different things. That's one of them."

    No one we've met has a bad word to say about Walker. Whether he wins or loses Idol, Walker has described the journey as the best time of his life.

    "It's a reward for me and a reward for my family as well, for all the work we've done together, for where we've been to and how far we've come," he says.

    His fellow contestants call him Stan the Man and describe him as 'inspirational', 'old beyond his years' and the bloke 'who's always there with a kind word or a shoulder to cry on'.

    Asked to relate a story that best sums up his buddy, Walker's former boss at the menswear store where both worked reveals how Walker learnt the show-stopping dance moves that accompanied his sizzling performance of Beyonce's hit Single Ladies.

    The performance was the first real indication that Walker was a contender for the Australian Idol crown.

    "The kids from (American drama hit) Glee had come to town and they'd done that song in the show.

    "Stan asked them to teach him the dance. Can you believe that?"

    "Was that for real? I heard him tell the story. I just assumed he was joking," says another young woman who used to work with Walker.

    Whatever happens, Walker plans to stay involved with the church and become an ambassador for kids from broken families.

    "It's my dream to send a message through a language everybody speaks -- music," he says.

    Australian Idol: Sundays, 6.30pm, Ten, Ten SC.

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    Re: [05.11.09] Idol's Stan Walker wants wife, seven kids EGC

    Post by Ataahua on Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:20 pm

    thanx for posting this!
    It was an enlightening read....he's only 19 yet he seems to have been through so much already.

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    PR Webmistress
    PR Webmistress

    Posts : 1397
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    Re: [05.11.09] Idol's Stan Walker wants wife, seven kids EGC

    Post by QueenTiger on Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:25 pm

    yeah he is so inspiring & a great role model...
    Even though he has been through so much he has come out the other end a better person.

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    Re: [05.11.09] Idol's Stan Walker wants wife, seven kids EGC

    Post by RobynO99 on Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:28 am

    Let's hope he gets himself a good accountant/manager - with 7 kids to educate, he's gonna need one! :^0: :^0:

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    Re: [05.11.09] Idol's Stan Walker wants wife, seven kids EGC

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