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    Flybuys Offers Free New Zealand Songs During Music Month

    PR Webmistress
    PR Webmistress

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    Flybuys Offers Free New Zealand Songs During Music Month

    Post by QueenTiger on Mon May 10, 2010 6:10 pm


    I think this is only for NZ, and most of you should already have UNBROKEN, but if you want to get UNBROKEN for free. Here is an article i found. Wish this was sydney aswell. :(

    Flybuys Offers Free New Zealand Songs During Music Month
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    Read More: Andy Symons Bluetooth Campbell Smith Focus Haapu MP3 Mp3 Recording Industry Association New Zealand STAN WALKER Seth Haapu Stan Walker Contributor:
    Voxy News Engine Monday, 10 May, 2010 - 10:41 Fly Buys Music is offering free Kiwi songs for two weeks this NZ music month using an interactive bus shelter campaign, the first of its kind in the country.

    Fans can get the three New Zealand artists' tracks by simply turning their phone's Bluetooth on, or sending a txt and then visiting a mobi site.

    CEO Andy Symons says, "A free song download is a cool way to reward music lovers - who wouldn't want a homegrown track to listen to on their way home after work? Bluetooth is accessible to most people, and you don't need a data plan to have a listen either.

    "Supporting up and coming talent is important to us, so I'd encourage everyone to check out these three tracks as well as all the other songs they can download with their Fly Buys Points on Fly Buys Music."

    The songs that are available for the next two weeks this May are; of Australian Idol fame, Stan Walker's Unbroken, Songstress Annah Mac's Focus and Seth Haapu's debut single Bones.

    Recording Industry Association New Zealand (RIANZ) Chief Executive Campbell Smith says, "It's great to see such a well known programme offering legal music downloads. It can only benefit the New Zealand music industry, artists and consumers."

    Fly Buys Music is a way for Members to turn their points into music. Members can redeem a 10, 30, 60 or 90 song download voucher for 95, 260, 500 and 720 Fly Buys Points. When you've added the songs you'd like to your cart at , click Download. The music is DRM-free in MP3 format, encoded at MP3 256 Kbps or higher, so it's very close to CD quality, and compatible with almost all portable players and devices including iPods.

    I'm on the STAN wagon.

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    Re: Flybuys Offers Free New Zealand Songs During Music Month

    Post by kiwianabananarama on Tue May 11, 2010 5:38 pm

    Hey Thanks Nays!! Cool...xoxo love free stuff...hehe!

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