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    "Unbroken" tells Stan Walker's tale

    State Founder
    State Founder

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    "Unbroken" tells Stan Walker's tale

    Post by Simona on Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:36 am

    Stan is featured as top news on NOVA 100 home page, here's the link have a look
    The article:

    Unbroken" tells Stan Walker's tale

    “I’ve got a career, I’ve got a future, and I’m living my dream.”
    - Stan Walker, on how Australian Idol changed his life.

    “It’s my testimony. I read all the lyrics and I was like ‘This is my song.’ It’s about being unbroken.”
    - Stan Walker, on why his new track’s a perfect fit.

    April 16, 2010. By Jordana Borensztajn.
    Millions of Idol hopefuls across the world would kill to be in Stan Walker’s shoes right about now.

    Not only did the 19-year-old Kiwi native win Australia’s massive national competition – and an accompanying Sony record deal – but Walker debuted in the second top spot on the ARIA charts with his first solo single “Black Box.”

    Now, more than four months down the track, Walker’s hot off the heels of unleashing his second single, “Unbroken.”

    In a Melbourne alleyway, on the set of his brand new music video, the Idol tells Nova that not a day goes past that he doesn’t think about how lucky he is. “It’s really awesome. I think I’m pretty blessed that this is happening to me,” Walker says, smiling.

    “I remember when I was a little rugged Maori boy, not knowing what he was doing, buzzing around home getting growlings from my parents. And now I’ve got a career. I’ve got a future, and I’m living my dream. I’m blown away with what’s been happening – and that it’s happening to me.”

    Walker’s new and very catchy track “Unbroken” was written by OneRepublic’s mastermind, Ryan Tedder, who has penned a host of massive tracks including OneRepublic's "Apologize" and Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love."

    Walker says he feels lucky to be working with a song that strikes such a huge personal chord. “It’s my testimony. He’s an incredible songwriter. I read all the lyrics and I was like ‘This is my song.’ It’s about being unbroken,” he explains.

    “I just want (fans) to listen to the words and feel what I’ve been through, and what I’m feeling. Hopefully this film clip will show me coming from brokenness to being unbroken.
    “I think Australia and the world has (had enough of) fake and gloss and looking good. I think it’s a trend that can always be overtaken by the real heartfelt stuff (because) stuff for the heart can last forever. And that’s what I’m trying to accomplish. It’s not just a good song and a flash video clip, but it’s something that means something, and hits the heart."

    credit source:

    'Music is a language that everybody knows how to speak' SRW

    SSFF ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Stan Walker

    STAN newbie
    STAN newbie

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    Re: "Unbroken" tells Stan Walker's tale

    Post by kaha on Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:39 pm

    Thanks simo :) I love unbroken!! Its such a beautiful song and suits Stan and his vocal range perfectly.
    Considering he was always talking about been "broken" and his background when he was on idol its almost like fate he was given this song. It was meant to be. :)

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    Re: "Unbroken" tells Stan Walker's tale

    Post by Taichimisty on Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:47 pm

    Well said Stan.....deep, meaningful, heartfelt and powerful....WTG!


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    Re: "Unbroken" tells Stan Walker's tale

    Post by Linda on Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:26 am

    All I can say is......................

    Unbroken was meant to be........ predestined LOL

    Linda B Big Smile
    United we Stan'd yerrrrrrr!

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    Re: "Unbroken" tells Stan Walker's tale

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